Sportive / Gran Fondo.

There's more to preparing for these than simply riding your bike  - This plan will help you achieve these not only faster, but also fresher then ever!

(£50 for 8 weeks).

The race of truth.

You against the clock. Specific Time Trial plans to help you smash your current PB. These plans work a lot around your FTP, and simulate pacing strategies. 

(£50 for 8 weeks)

Road & Circuit Racing.

Group racing endeavours to have lots of variance in pace and this needs to be reflected in your training. Bridge gaps with ease, or ride off the front at your pleasure.

(£50 for 8 weeks)


Arguably one of the hardest disciplines,  multiple short sharp surges of power with no chance to rest. This puts all your energy systems into a blender.

(£50 for 8 weeks)


Long fire road drags at full tilt, then recovering while on a technical descent. That's a trainable skill too. Follow this Mountain Bike plan to tear the legs off your opponents!

(£50 for 8 weeks)

Discipline: Unknown.

Whether you're new to cycling, or just haven't yet found your niche, this plan shows progression for simply riding your bike faster. 

(£40 for 8 weeks)