Physiological Testing

Functional Threshold Test - £120

A sub-maximal stepped test with associated blood lactate measures to determine training zones with heart rate and power data (FTP test). This knowledge is also a powerful tool for pacing strategies in racing. A report will be provided via email post-test.

Maximum Aerobic (MAP) Test - £70

An incremental test to exhaustion. This tests presents your "upper ceiling" of performance of which all other zones can be derived from. This can also be used as a good predictor of VO2 max. A report will be provided via email post-test.

Warm up Test - £130

Ensure your pre-race warm up is efficient as possible. The data from this test will enable me to provide you with your ideal warm up protocol, to ensure you're primed and ready for your specific discipline. A report on your ideal warm up will be provided post-test.

Complete Physiological Test - £180

A full performance profiling session. A functional Threshold Test, Maximum Aerobic Test, and Peak Power (Sprint) based test all rolled into one.  A report will be provided via email post-test.

Bike fit & Other Services - (From £40)

Please see other tab for many other services that I provide, all conducted at Vive Le Velo.