Performance Coaching

"I know every single one of my athletes on a personal level. We meet for coffee, we ride together, we race together. I believe this relationship is an integral part of creating a high performing athlete. "

-Tom Ramsay (Coach)

Which plan is right for you?



Our most basic package for any rider who wants to increase their fitness in order to achieve a certain goal. An ideal package for athletes who would like a good introduction to training and how to improve performance.

· Quarterly 1-2-1 Consultation 

· Training Peaks 'Basic Package ' Included

· Phone/Email communication

· Analysis of data


The clue is in the name. Increasing performance for results in races. This is perfect for any athlete aiming for a more refined goal. In addition to starter package... 

· Quarterly Performance Testing & Catch ups

· Training Peaks 'Premium' Included

· Enhanced Data Analysis 

· Nutritional & Race day Advice

· Immediate changes to plan (if required)


This package is “made to order” during an initial 1-2-1 consultation in order to get the result the athlete wants in the most efficient way possible. The coach devotes full commitment to the athlete in this holistic approach to athletic performance.

· Annual Training Plan Analysis 

· Race day chaperone

· 1-2-1 training sessions

· Regular catch-ups

So how does this work?

Meet up - Regardless of which package you'd like to opt for, I always like to meet up for a face to face chat if it's logistically feasible. This is nice and informal, we can meet over coffee at a cafe which is convenient to us both and discuss your current training and where you'd like to take your cycling. This is no obligation, so if you're not happy or need time to think about things after this that's absolutely fine. At this point, we can exchange contact details and discuss start dates if required. I can take Skype calls etc where required if a meet up is unfeasible. 

Set up - If you're happy to go ahead, we can then set you up on TrainingPeaks. I will send you out a questionnaire to fill out, as well as the usual health screening questions. If you're on the Advanced package or above, we will get your testing booked in and run through that so we have some clear, concise data to go from, then we're all up and running! I can start to schedule your personalised training plan, and your journey to increased performance starts. 

Payment - A monthly standing order is set up by yourselves with the start date as the first day which your training is scheduled for. The minimum term is 3 months for each package.

I'm always here to answer any questions you may have on any of the services I have to offer - I'd be happy to help.