Bike Fits & Other Services

The Edge Bike Fit - £150

Anthropometric measures are taken, along with markers of flexibility and functional core strength. We then we use the Wattbike to accurately determine the correct position to get optimal power transfer and comfort.  

Saddle Fit & Assessment - £40

Lets get you sitting comfortably. We take accurate anthropometric measures, along with tests of flexibility to determine which saddle should work best for you. This also includes the demo service for a range of saddles. *Discount available on saddles purchased at Vive Le Velo

Pedal Technique Analysis - £100

Often Overlooked, using the Wattbike software, we analyse your cycling technique via a Polar View, to see when and where you're producing power. I will also make suggestions on how to optimise this for increased performance and allow time to refine this technique.

TT Specific BikeFit - £250

Would you like to optimise your Aerodynamics while also maintaining or increasing your power output, yet still be in a comfortable position? Getting this balance right requires very detailed analysis - The process starts with you sending some pictures of your current position from a few different angles, then, after getting you in and making the relevant changes with associated testing we will find a position to simply make you get from start to finish in the quickest possible time. This is a very in-depth process, which involves direct attention from both myself and Ed Neilson (Vive Le Velo).

Set-up BikeFit - £75

Simply put, this follows the same process as the full £150 bike fit, yet it lasts approximately a third of the time and doesn't go into anywhere near as much depth. Perfect if you aren't all that serious, yet want to make sure you are in a suitable position.