The Coach

Tom Ramsay (BSc)

I'm a highly motivated and enthusiastic performance coach, who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Performance Conditioning. After graduating, I worked at Giant York as the lead Performance Specialist and Coach for 4 years. It is here where where I honed and developed my skills, experience, and knowledge as a coach. I set up The Edge Coaching in June 2017, and ever since I have been pursuing my passion of making people fitter and faster. 

My Performance

For me, the enjoyment of purely riding bikes isn't enough - I like to test myself in competition. I optimise my training as much as I can, not only to better myself in competition, but also to help my understanding of certain sessions before prescribing them to athletes. I race competitively in Cyclocross, MTB, and on the road and I absolutely love every minute of it.   

Relevant Academia

  • BSc Sports Performance Conditioning
  • British Cycling Qualified Coach
  • Nutrition for Sport Performance Qualification
  • National Diploma Sports Coaching andd Fitness Testing